Breaker, Breaker
Thought Swarm
A collection of stories detailing the struggle between love and an increasingly technological society.
Breaker, Breaker
Dumpster Dive
The low-end runners get themselves caught up in a situation bigger than they could ever imagine.
Fat Baby
The Baby That Eats
SPOILER ALERT! Fat Baby eats something or someone! His father has a drink at the bar! His mother is lost in his stomach!

Thought Swarm, the first story from Breaker Breaker, Love vs. the Future, follows a young girl who, thanks to an implant in her brain, has access to the thoughts of every person she encounters. When the company that sponsored her implant put her under the surgeon's knife, they did so to create the ultimate weapon in corporate espionage.

However, none of them foresaw the devastating effect the implant would have on the girl's personal life. Thought Swarm is a story about every time a guy has heaved a sigh of relief that his girlfriend couldn't read his mind, the girl who could, and how it nearly kills her.