Breaker, Breaker
Thought Swarm
A collection of stories detailing the struggle between love and an increasingly technological society.
Breaker, Breaker
Dumpster Dive
The low-end runners get themselves caught up in a situation bigger than they could ever imagine.
Fat Baby
The Baby That Eats
SPOILER ALERT! Fat Baby eats something or someone! His father has a drink at the bar! His mother is lost in his stomach!

Originally a comic strip published in the UK, Fat Baby confused and enraged readers with its unfocused narrative about an overweight baby who eats everything. Drifting incoherently between plot lines, art styles, and influences, Fat Baby ate his

way into the hearts of tens of fans in its original form. Painstakingly translated into English by Floodworks Studio, the Fat Baby epic is presented here in its eventual entirety. Eat it up, fuckers.