Breaker, Breaker
Thought Swarm
A collection of stories detailing the struggle between love and an increasingly technological society.
Breaker, Breaker
Dumpster Dive
The low-end runners get themselves caught up in a situation bigger than they could ever imagine.
Fat Baby
The Baby That Eats
SPOILER ALERT! Fat Baby eats something or someone! His father has a drink at the bar! His mother is lost in his stomach!

Dumpster Dive, The second installment of Breaker Breaker, Love vs. the Future, is set in a future where everything is broken. Tox and Olive, orphaned by catastrophe, grew up in the ruins of a once prosperous city, trading batteries and bits of wire for food and water.

Barely fashioning a life together out of junk and rust, Tox and Olive are torn apart when they score big one night, discovering a robot who offers them a substantial reward for returning him to the company he was stolen from. Tox leaves Olive and sets out for the walled city. Will the reward be worth trading the life he had built with Olive out of rust and trash?