Ethan Ede
Adam Bennett
Dillon Woods

Dillon Woods was, at some point, born, this much we know to be true. Like many people who are born he had some parents, and like many others a younger brother. A precocious youth, Dillon, whose parents were early adopters of then infantile internet technology, showed an early interest in, and aptitude for, coding languages when he began to play and later design Multi-User Domains. In High School Dillon owned and operated a Subaru Justy, but he doesn’t any more so quit asking him about it.

When not being forced, often at knife point, to build web pages for the rest of the Floodworks crew, Dillon spends the majority of his time in airports and hotel rooms. On the rare occasion Dillon is allowed to return home he enjoys spending time with his lovely wife Cynthia, his parrot Zazu, and their dog Tucker, who was recently struck by a very large car. Dillon does not enjoy hotwheels.