Floodworks is a collective venture between four artists: Adam Rosenlund, an accomplished artist in just about any medium you care to mention. Ethan Ede, writer. Adam Bennett, burgeoning film maker and 3D artist. Dillon Woods, coder. Floodworks Studio serves to collect the ideas that spill from their heads, and this website serves to catalogue the process and the results. Floodworks.net contains information about all of our major projects, links to their various sites, a group-blog, and our current bio's and contact information.

Floodworks is interested in ideas and the processes that turn the raw idea into art. The majority of the projects here are comic books created by Adam Rosenlund and Ethan Ede, and the media related to comic projects. However that isn't all: music, prose, painting, non-fiction, games, applications, short films, and anything else that filters out of heads will be posted here in various states of completion. Floodworks.net is meant to be an idea hub, highlighting projects and pointing you toward more information.

Lightyears Away
May 08 - Page 74
Lightyears Away Book 1 - Page 74 is now online
Creation Science
Nov 16 - Page 8
Creation Science - Page 8 is now online
Fat Baby
Updates Sundays
SPOILER ALERT! Fat Baby eats something or someone! His father is at the bar! His mother is lost in his stomach!
Start Spreading the News
September 02, 2010
We're coming back. Sorry for the delays. Our personal lives, and professional lives have been crazy. We'll probably have some news for you on some published work here soon. In the meantime Light Years Away will be back on Saturday.